At Fuego's on my birthday last year, with all my bestfriends around, he asked me to marry him. Without the ring. Of course I said yes. Mainly because I know the reason he didn't have the ring, its was because it was too expensive, and he hadn't saved enough to purchase it yet. The next day I woke up with a ring on my finger, it wasn't my RING, as J called it , its my "starter ring". From my sneaky investigations, I found out this year he will be giving me my real ring on my birthday, so I am excited, he has been hiding it at his sister's house, because he knows I'm nosey. Sorry I spoiled it:)

My 2nd Proposal

The 2nd time he really got me!! After work friday night of June 12th. My bestie Mercedes called me to go have Margaritas @ our favorite place Chillis!! So we get out the house, first we head to the mall to get a few things @ Charlotte Russe, then we head to dinner. All the while she keeps getting these phone calls, telling "someone to go to Publix or try this place or that place" so finally I ask her who are you talking to, she tells me that her sis-n-law hubby is trying to plan a romantic bday night and he wanted fresh frozen rose petals. So I was like ohhh thats night. So we finally have about three rounds of margaritas, and head back to my house. So she is dropping me off to my house, as I get out, I notice someone has wasted rose petals in front of our townhouse. So I get out the car and Im like oh my neighbors are so rude, Im really tipsy, so I go to put my key in the door, and its wide open, so by now I am like I know this MAN did not leave my front door open, all the lights are off and the dog didnt room to me, so Im still a bit confused, until I reach our living/dining room and spelled out on the floor is WILL U MARRY ME in votive candles, and there are rose petals everywhere leading up to our stairs. I turn around and he is on the stairs with the box and I just start crying crying crying!! IT was the most amazing thing in the WORLD!